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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Trying to, Sep 20, 2000.

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    I have a report and a score of 5 from worthknowing.com. First question is I had a bankrupcy about 7 years ago maybe a bit less I did not see it on my credit report they gave me. Do they just not list them or is it possible that it has been removed from my credit report? (which i find hard to believe)

    2nd question is i have 2 accounts listed in delinquent that were in the bankrupcy they list as installment closed balance 0 and revolving closed balance 0.

    In my Satisfactory accounts listing I also have 3 accounts that were in my bankrupcy. Status is revolving balance 0. I am not sure why these are listed in my satifactory list because they were part of my bankrupcy but can any of them be removed from my credit report??? They recommend closing unused accounts but they were already closed as far as I know. Appreciate the help if any.
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    I also have a bankrurtcy from 6 years ago and it was not listed on worthknowing,and the balance was zero on those accounts. I would also like to know.I have ONE YEAR LOD REPOSSION. WHICH IS LISTED AS OPEN.

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