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  1. cherie

    cherie Well-Known Member

    I read a post here last night about the worthknowing web site so I went to check it out.. To my absolute surprise I found an account listed as delinquent in the amount of $31.00 from 1997. It took me a few minutes to find it but I did. This account was associates capital for the purchase of a eletrolux vaccume ( don't go there). This account was open in Oct of 97 and paid in full in Dec of 97. for the amount of$ 751.95 - yes bought bags too! . It was a 90 days same as cash deal. I can't find out how to call associates capital .. yet.. and tried to call TU and found I have to order the report before I can dispute the info.. what's the deal? I have equifax reports for the last 3 years and this shows a paid in full closed account. What advice can you all offer?

  2. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    From my experience, TU is the only company that uses an account number for your credit file. That is a number that never changes. EXP and EQF use report numbers which change with any updates. If you have an old TU report, you can lookup your account number and try a telephone dispute.

    If not, you may want to try writing a letter. Be sure to include your dob, ss# and any recent addresses so they can identify you. If there have been any recent inquiries using your TU report you can call for a free copy. You're also allowed a free copy if you are out of work and will be seeking full time employment in the next 60 days.

    Finally, you can pay the fee for the report. Nice thing is you can also ask for your TU score to be sent to you (something worthknowing.com doesn't provide).

    good luck,
  3. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Do you have an old report somewhere. Just use it. Pretend like the account is on it, LOL.

  4. cherie

    cherie Well-Known Member

    I didn't have an old TU report. It seems as though Equifax is all that I've ever used. I ordered the TU report and credit score yesterday for $8.50. Today I am going to try to find a phone number for Associates Capital Bank. I checked the credit score by eloan again yesterday, we are back up to 744 .. what a difference in finding only a 23 by worthknowing.com . obvisouly from this Assosicates Bank reporting.

    If anyone knows how to contact Associates Capital Bank please respond.

  5. aigle

    aigle Well-Known Member

    You don't have to order the report, do an online dispute at tu's website and reference worthknowing as the report number. I did this and TU sent me the actual report for free.

    btw, don't worry much about the 'score' that WK gives you it is meaningless. If it is particularly bad I'd recommend deleting your account info at WK so you don't get any of those low ball offers in the mail.
  6. cherie

    cherie Well-Known Member

    Bad ? that's an understatement. I was giving a whopping score of 23. and was in the 14.9 - 29.9 interst rate range. All my debt load now is currently 9.9 or less. so HA!

    I ordered the transunion report last night. It is probably to late to stop the order. I should have waited for more responses here on credit talk.
  7. cherie

    cherie Well-Known Member

    and .. I want the balance transfer offers to come in the mail. Don't I ?

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