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    Hi Everyone,

    I was just thinking, o no! and I was wondering if this action would work to help remove my ATnT universal account off Equifax and Experian....which is now paid off, in full....but has some past lates.

    It is currently being reported as:
    Status: Closed/current, was past due 120 days
    Account history: 120 days as of 4-00, 2-00...90 days as of 6-00, 5-00, 1-00, 4-99...60 days as of 12-99, 3-99....30 days as of 11-99, 2-99, 1-99. This account is scheduled to continue on record until 1-06.

    Here is my plan:
    call Atnt universal. Get some stupid rep to alter my personal information, like change my last name and address. Possibly, change my ss#.

    Then, dispute the account with experian and equifax. ANd, when they go to verify, the personal information will not match up, and it will be found, "not mine"

    what do you think, will it work?
  2. PSUgirl

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    Forgot to mention, also reported...
    "account closed at credit grantor's request."
  3. Ender

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    You should just try to do a dispute as NOT ACCURATE OR NOT MINE with the CRA first. See how that turns out first...
  4. Alex

    Alex Well-Known Member

    I really woundnt recommend doing something like that, you're talking
    about giving fake personal info, and last I heard that was within
    the boundaries of fraud. The last thing you want to do is end up
    in a worst situation than you are now.

    As someone else mentioned above, stick to diputing the info, this is
    the safe way to do it, if you need help then consider hiring a service
    to do it for you such as Junum.

  5. CD

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    Not A Good Move!

    Alex has the right idea, although if I were you Iâ??d be more concerned about a flag than fraud. Hereâ??s the skinnyâ?¦

    First of all, youâ??d never get a rep (stupid or otherwise) to change the records. The reason being is that most collection and C/S personnel donâ??t have access to alter queues (computerized account files), and the ones that do arenâ??t stupid. Queue runs are locked to avoid manipulation that brings on liability, like changing sensitive info that could (for instance) embarrass the customer (you). Hence, resulting in a lawsuit against the creditor.

    Queue records are often used in cases of litigation to sustain the creditorâ??s position, and prove theyâ??ve complied with responsibilities charged to them (as in serving anotherâ??s paper). They are permanent records that are closely guarded, not subject to easy manipulation.

    Secondly many AT&T facilities are using a subsidiary of Altel, a major InterChange (also known as CPI). This mean a third party controls the queue lock, so even if your plan had merit related records couldnâ??t be changed without going through that source. Fat chance!

    What would most likely happen if you tried such a stunt, is that your account would be flagged a certain way. The nutshell result is that youâ??d get nowhere with you credit redress efforts, and youâ??d never know why. Take the advice Alex gave, stick to the tried and true methods that are a much safer bet.

    Keep The Faith,
    Anthony Villaseñor,

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