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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by BrettS, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. BrettS

    BrettS Well-Known Member

    I applied and was approved for a Chase Platinum Mastercard on Monday the 8th and I just checked my EX report and they're already reporting it. I don't even have the card yet:eek: The last account I opened was with citifinancial and it took them nearly two months to report to the CRA's
  2. shawbee

    shawbee Well-Known Member

    I have a new citi card. Who do they report to? I am glad it takes several months because I just got 6 new cards in 2 mos.
  3. BrettS

    BrettS Well-Known Member

    In my case my account was with citifinancial... their personal loan division. Their credit card division might report differently, so you might see them appear sooner. In the end it probably won't make too much of a difference. As soon as those six new cards hit your reports your score will probably take a nosedive for a little while. If the cards take longer to report it will just delay the inevitable. Assuming you keep up with your payments, however, your score should start going back up pretty quickly, though.

    In answer to your second question, Citi will almost certainly report to all three CRA's. As a general rule all of the major credit cards report to all three. There a few companies that don't report at all, but it's pretty unusual to find a credit card that only reports to one or two CRA's.

  4. shawbee

    shawbee Well-Known Member

    I already have three reporting and my scores have been stable,but I am holding my breathe on the other three.
  5. faztcobra

    faztcobra Well-Known Member

    I got approved for the Chase Plat back on the 1st. Still not reporting. Closed my mortgage back on the 28th of Aug and it's not reporting AND I've already been transferred from one mortgage company to another - haven't even made my first payment yet.

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