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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Bill, Aug 10, 2000.

  1. Bill

    Bill Guest

    I would like to know if writing a bad check has a statute
    of limitations. If yes, is it similar to SOL
    unsecure debts or does it expire with time. If not what are the consequences
    and what are the ways to go free if can't afford
    to pay it back.

  2. not a good

    not a good Guest

    Where would you like to start? I'm sure there are SOL in your state but I am also sure your state has laws regarding bad checks. I.E. JAIL so I wouldn't even think about it unless there is someone that could post bail for you. Not even going to throw in attorneys fees to get you out of it.
  3. bg

    bg Guest

    Depending on the amount it could be a felony,
    some states have no SOL on bad checks. Also
    if you get stopped by the police for a traffic violation and they check, it will probably pop-up that a warrant has been issued for your arrest. Most states have so many bad check that they can't afford to go after each individual so they wait for the crooks to make a mistake then they get them.
    And I here some states are puttin bad check writers in their central computer so when the person goes to renew their Drivers Lincense it will pop up and the license
    renewal will be rejected and the proper
    authorities called. So if I was you I'd find away to pay it ASAP. If you pay it before they get you the charges will drop in most areas.
  4. $CM$

    $CM$ Guest

    You can get away with one check, maybe up to 5 or $10,000, but I would not try repeating this! One check could have been a clerical error on your part, but several large checks would point to "intent to defraud". Then they could come looking for you. In any case you would show up in Chexsytems for sure.

  5. Bill

    Bill Guest

    Whe you do show up in Chexsystems, How long do you show up on their system?
  6. CardReport

    CardReport Guest

    ChexSystems keeps listings of consumers who have had bank accounts closed due to excessive non-sufficient-funds activity, including bad checks (even for very small amounts, e.g. anything over $25) for five years.

    Forget about getting a checking (or even savings) account at most banks while you are on ChexSystems. And even the banks that might be somewhat "forgiving" are *not* feel that way if they see signs of fraud.

    The only way that writing bad checks could be somehow considered worth the aggravation would be if you if you made a large amount of money by doing so. But large amounts will get attention, and will be considered deliberate fraud.

    You could end up with lawsuits against you, which would severely damage your credit reports.

    And this is *not* just a civil matter, either. For multple checks, and/or a large amount, it can easily become a *criminal* issue. Typically, each state will have a relatively low dollar-value (e.g., over $500) where petty theft turns into a felony. In which case, the debt *is* secured, in a way. As in, "secured" by your physical body, which can be "repossessed" all the way to *jail*.

    Forget this idea.

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  7. Eric Towns

    Eric Towns Guest

    Five years and they WILL NOT remove you unless asked to do so by law or if YOU disprove the claim.
    I don't understand why banks use this to deny checking accounts based on frequent NSF activity where there are no oustanding debts?
    The banks actually make money on those instances... All it does is hurt the person with limited income.
  8. $CM$

    $CM$ Guest

    Not sure, but I'm sure it would only be about 90 days once they figured out you hosed them.

  9. derick

    derick Member

    What other companies besides Chexsystems are there out there that serve the same purpose?

  10. just me

    just me Guest

    I'd pay it quickly. Besides being illegal, bouncing checks can land you in Chexsystem's database for 5 years, and you can forget about getting any kind of an account anywhere. Chances are if you have multiple bounced checks, or your account is in the negative for an extended period of time, your bank will close your account and your future banking options will be severely limited.

    Although this has never happened to me, it happened to a friend of mine. To open a checking account, at least in Washington DC where I am, you must have good credit and not be in a database like Chexsystem's. I was shocked my bank checked me credit when I opened a checking account, but they did.
  11. CardReport

    CardReport Guest

    ChexSystems claims to have over 80% of the market. Their main competition is TeleCheck.

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