WTF is up with Providian?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ShellyHS, May 16, 2001.

  1. ShellyHS

    ShellyHS New Member

    Ok... I read Roni's trouble and now I'm having trouble. The first time I called retention a few months ago I got a rate reduction without a problem.

    I've been trying to get a credit increase for the past 3 months and I get the run around and different answers from every single rep I talk to.

    I have no lates, no over the limits, ever.

    My last credit increase was Dec 13th.

    So... here are the things I have been told when I call and ask about a line increase:

    Rep # 1. You had your last increase on Dec 13th. The accounts automatically review every FOUR months. You can expect to receive an increase in APRIL. You can call back at the end of April about an increase.

    Rep # 2. You had your last increase in December, which technically bills out in January, the accounts automatically review every FOUR months, so you can expect an incrrease in MAY.

    Rep # 3. You had your last increase in January, the accounts are automatically reviewed every FOUR to SIX months, You can look for an increase offer in JUNE

    I am also told that they CANNOT give me an increase.. that the computer does it automatically.

    I thought some people posted that they have received increases over the phone, on the spot?

    and one person said to 'call back', which I took to mean they could give me the increase when I qualified.

    I think my account is flagged for calling so many times.

    Also... every time I call the retention number the rep says "I understand you'd like to close your account.."

    HUH? Like I was transferred or something...
  2. Marypc

    Marypc Well-Known Member

    same exact thing happened to me...I called over and over, and no one could give me a reason for not increasing my limit or lowering my apr. I had an unsecured card, always on time, well over the minimum payments, etc...I even got supervisors who would tell me its a system thing, and they had no idea why it couldnt be done. I told them as soon as I paid it off I was closing it...they couldnt care less. I truly believe that Providian uses some system internally to categorize their cardholders, and while some get the raises like clockwork, others are stuck where they start for good. I did complain to planet feedback, and got a 1K increase, but was told not to expect any other offer for SIX MONTHS!! Well, I got Bank of America and transferred that balance right off. I wont close, as I need this older tradeline, but my Providian card is currently in a shoe box in my closet and I wont ever use it again..
  3. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    I was told by someone I trust that during the first year of having a Providian card you pretty much want to keep a small balance on the card. That will help get you increases. I actually do get increases like clockwork...

    but I can't get a grace period to save my life. I can't even get one from the Exec. Team. I also don't get it. But, I just paid off the account today so I'll only charge 200 or so from now on and see if I still get the increases.

    I'm keeping them for the tradeline age and for the high credit limits. They certainly help my profile there. But I have been told this week, by 2 people, that Prov basically serves subprime... so they take more risk overall.... so their rates and terms are higher to compensate ...

    and unfortunately they really don't have a lot of Upgrades for those of us moving rapidly out of Hell.
    They actually told me most people in my position get better cards w/other companies. well duh.

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