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    Check this guy out! I listen to his radio show at noon on KTRH 740AM in Houston. He hates Credit Reporting Agencies and any company that deals wrongly with the public. When you contact him he goes after the bad guys! AND he hates CRA's. People call his show, or write to him, or uses his web site and he gets to the bottom of the situation. His staff includes lawyers too! He operates a national call center. I think they answer all the time. They are familiar with the CRA's and many companies. They can get a response sometimes much faster than you and I. On his show the other day an attorney was helping a caller clean some garbage from his credit report. Now from what I gather, they can't probably help if your debt is legitimate but if the CRA (or the creditor) is doing something wrong they can help. I am going to try them and see if I can stop a creditor from reporting an account inaccurately.

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