x.com=something needs to be do

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by allison, Mar 17, 2000.

  1. allison

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    x.com has frozen my account for (with $2500 balance) no apparent reason. no e-mail, no phone calls, no nothing. who can i report them to? BBB? FDIC? What institutions? i have e-mailed them 4 times in the last week and have not received a single response. it's like they are ignoring me.
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    RE: x.com=something needs to b

    Yep. They are doing that all right. I would suggest writing to them snail mail with certified mail
  3. Melissa

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    something needs to be done and

    With my own, personal, ongoing problems with x.com, I reported them to the FTIC (www.ftic.gov) the better business bureau (www.BBB.com) and the FTD (www.ftd.gov) All of these companies have forms available online and the government actually writes you back after a week or so, even if its just to tell them that you that they are investigating your complaint.

    As a federally regulated and insured business, X.COM needs to walk on the straight and narrow line. They can't keep their licensing if they don't. Filing a complaint gives a strong message that we won't take their B.S. (If you are a sink or swim X.COM fan, then you won't want to do this, because it WILL eventually put them out of business. If you're an already-disgruntled customer or ex-customer, go for it!)

    I think if you have already emailed them, then you should 1ST file the complaint and then let X.com know when, why, and how you reported them. they may send you the standard "Please check our funds availability notice..." but if they are without reason, then they are liable. (Look at your terms and disclosures)

    I actually, eventually, got an email back saying they were going to "officially" close my account and refund my money. They apologized that I "feel that our customer service is lacking" and said that they were mailing my check in 7-10 business days. (Deja Vu all over again, they told me that in January! :(

  4. Steven Z

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    RE: something needs to be done

    I'm glad you can smile at this. I know I'm be screaming bloody murder and starting a vendetta against any company that screwed around with me this way.

    It is obvious x.com runs on what Doris K would call "disorganized and incompetent" like Providian, but unlike Providian whose business is mainly credit cards x.com is a full-fledged bank and must be held to a higher standard.


    Still waiting for some reporter (hey Edgar J you run/manage a publishing company how about sicking somebody on X.COM) to do an expose something along the lines of "The perils of online banking" or "X.com Bank: When an idea oh so good goes oh so wrong"
  5. allison

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    RE: something needs to be done

    Thanks for your info. But the situation with my acct status is no where near fault of my own. I opened this account a month a go, deposited a check for $2500 few days later, check cleared and have not touched my account since. I tried to use the account the last few days and I was declined. Overcomed by anger, I tried to transfer funds into my roommates account (this way she can write me a check or w/d the funds for me) and would let me. Something like "funds not available" came on. I e-mailed them, again, and finally got a response today...no direct answer. Just "I will forward your request to the proper department."
  6. Caroline

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    RE: something needs to be done

    I've never ever had a problem with them and I have close to 10 grand in this bank plus their mutual funds. Only in the beginning when they were just starting and they couldnt find a check of mine which I sent them a copy of my cashed check from them and they immediately deposited this money into my account. although it does take longer to talk with them on the phone, they have always been helpful and i can verify this with 3 of my friends who also have accounts with them. every new bank or business has glitches in their system and this is an online bank.
  7. J. Edgar

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    To Steven Z

    As much as I'd like to, we publish only publish books for the education market, along with some general trade in the adult (no, that doesn't mean porn) and children's market, not periodicals. I'll check with some colleagues at Cahners and ZD and see if they might be interested, but I don't think that either one has a publication that the story would fit the theme of.
  8. J. Edgar

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    RE: something needs to be done

    They should have tested their business processes and systems thoroughly before they even thought about going on line. 'Glitches' like this in banking are totally inexcusable and if they had occured in established banks, the regulatory agencies would have come down hard on them and the accountable individuals would have been long ago fired.
  9. Steven Z

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    RE: X.com's culpability

    An online bank? Is this supposed to excuse them from negligent practises.

    Besides how can you malign online banks with the same brush when to my recollection I have never heard the same complaints made about Wingspan, G&L or any of the others for that matter. Why? because it just doesn't happen at these "responsible" banks.

    What we are dealing here is "incompetence" and "unaccountability" pure and simple and in a bank thats fatal.
  10. devine

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    RE: X.com's culpability

    well no one is making anyone use this bank so many people keep complaining just leave geesh. use windspan or g&l they have proplems and are trying to be causoius which is why peoples acts are being frozen. you know what I mean. its not like they say you open you act. and if you have 2500 frozed why in the HECK would you email. Honey you should be calling them on the phone. they give your money the same concern that you do. I watch my act very closely and dont have any major problems. to the number. but that is the attention i give my act.

    Thanks just my 2 cents again

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