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    In January I opened an account with X.com. I received my signature card, returned it and waited for my card, checks and pin. Well, I'm still waiting. Finally, someone in CS explained that they had received return mail from my address and that I had to send proof of address and my ss card. You can imagine by this time I had no interest in x.com. Now this is my real problem. When I opened the account they gave $1000 limit. I bought a CD for $100, about a week later returned it, then bought a mutual fund, and also returned it to the line of credit. Now I'm receiving a bill saying that I own them $84.00. I don't know how that can be possible, when I never was able to take money out of the account, and the $100.00 I used were from the over draft protection, and I posted them back when I saw that I was not receiving anything from them. The only thing I see that I would have to pay for is the $4.00 that were lost with the mutual fund. I have never received one cent from x.com and I don't see how I am supposed to pay them $84.00 of there own money. If anyone can help me with this I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!!
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    Wouldn't be easier to comply with their requirements rather than risk a clusterf**** that might occur to your credit report and chex? if this gets out of hand? Just send them the items, keep your account. It DOES look bad to close accounts, its noted on all credit reports. Trust me i've written software for many burueas and they all (chex/credit) note accounts closed by consumer request. Its not the same as a payoff.
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    So what your saying is better than take bad service up the butt rather than take the risk of being screwed. Uh Uh, thats no way to run one's life. Besides a notation of "closed by consumer" is 1000000000 times better than the bullshit "closed by credit grantor"

    Besides which its a well known fact that X.COM does not report to the bureaus, though if they report negative items it means they have an account with the CRA's and can be FORCED to report your account as a positive credit line (I just might do that myself if I feel like it).

    Still this is further proof how the CRA's have it stacked against you, I know you can't divulge the details but on a sliding scale of 10 - 1 with 1 being the lowest how dishonest are they? Minus numbers are acceptable :)
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    I don't know about your bond and fund issues, but I signed up for X,Com when they were handing out 20 bux to new accounts. I got it plus my line of credit plus 10.00 per referral. I signed the signature card sent it back got my checks and debit card. Used my line of credit, paid my line of credit (This one was a bit tricky. First you have to have to deposit enough in your account to pay the line of credit off, Make sure it shows in the available balance line) then goto the credit line and pay it off. You have to go there a second time to pay off the intrest. In my case, it was .35. At any rate I have been very happy with them and they have most assuredly kept their part of the bargin. Thanx for the listen :)
  5. Ericka Lof

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    I'm glad to see someone else has the same experience with x.com as I have.

    I too signed up when they were giving away $20 free money. Figured it was found money and signed my signature card and sent it back. Even before I had it in the mail I received my PIN and debit card along with checks.

    I've used the line of credit, paid it off and used it again. No problems whatsoever. I only wish they reported responsible use to Credit Bureaus so I could get credit!

    Sorry if my experience is not yours, but I think it's a great service and intend to continue using it.


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