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  1. Kathy

    Kathy Guest

    I didn't jump on the bank wagon when all the hype was going on about X.com, but I thought I would pass on something that appeared on the front page of the Omaha World Herarld this evening.

    "A fast growing Silicon Valley company on Monday anounced plans to open a customer service operation in Omaha that is expected to have 500 workers by year's end.

    Most of the Omaha workers would essentially be online bank tellers for Palo ALto, Calif-based X.com Corp., an online financial service outfit.

    Employees in X.xom customer support center will answer consumer's questions by telephone, e-mail and through online chats, said company spokeswman Julie Anderson.

    Those employees would start at $10 to $12 an hour, Anderson said. Technical workers such as systems managers, presumable would make more."

    The article goes on and on. If you are hoping for faster and better customer service I wouldn't keep my fingers crossed. Here in Omaha we have the lowest unemployment rate next to Dallas. I work for a phone firm and have a real difficult time hiring people. The article states they choose Omaha because of the low housing and relatively cheap wages. However, they failed to recognize the hundreads of jobs in Omaha that are unfilled because they pay in the same range. Just last week I tried hiring 25 people for a no sales position which payed $10 an hour (answering phones for orders for our catalog). We were able to hire 6, of which only 2 came back on the second day. Our company is one of the highest recognized honest business in the area (next to Warren Buffet). I am sure that X.com wont beable to match our bouneses or our extra perks which brings the wage over $15 an hour.

    It appears to me X.com is still making poor choices.
  2. Kathy

    Kathy Guest

    The article also states that "currently X.com has a customer base of 750,000 and will grow to more than 1 million in the next month.

    The company realized their is a labor shortage but believe their wages will attract quality people to work for an internet firm which shows enormous potential. The company will at some time in the future offer it's employees stock options when they become available.

    Makes me wonder if they will screw their employees as much as they screwed their customers.
  3. oh you are

    oh you are Guest

    just chill out if you dont like them dont but i have had no problems and love the bank so just stop trying to make prople angry
  4. Arie

    Arie Guest

    same for me, I really enjoy banking with X.com. I never have any problem with my bank because I never try to complicate my own situations, relations or activities with my bank...
  5. Len

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    I don't complicate my relations with banks either. X.com has done that for me and I haven't had to do a thing.
  6. Kathy

    Kathy Guest

    You must have misunderstood my post. I really have no opinion of them. I am happy with my current bank and did not try and open an account with X.com.

    From other post I have read here, lots of people have been jerked around. I was merely quoting an article. I was also trying to warn people that the customer service is not going to get better if they move into this area as the article stated.

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