Y do they need to see my cdt report

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by molly, Jul 30, 2001.

  1. molly

    molly Well-Known Member

    I have tried just about everything with Citibank and this old student loan that went into collections in 1/1994. It fell of Experian last NOV. BUT still remains on Equifax because they are going by date of last activity which is 5/95 when it was sold. Of course the only way to get it removed is by Citibank. I have wrote letters and called 800 #;s several times over the last 6-8 months. I can't get past those damn $10/hour 800 reps. So I wrote a letter through planetfeedback to citibank. I wasn't sure actually I knew it wasnt' the right division of Citibank but I sent it anyways just to get someone to listen. In my letter (at the end) I made sure they knew I had two Citi cards (=valued custome). This tactic worked with Mervyns chargeoff and my Target card. I got a call today from a lady at Citibank asking me to fax my credit report so they could see. Now why do they need to see my report?

    The reps I spoke to before told me everything from Equifax is the only one who can remove that item and Citibank is not reporting. My loan was sold we no longer havee any info and aren't reporting it CSAc that is reporting under Citi's name. I know this is all crap and I usually got mad and hung up on the rep. I even tried Ombudsman but they were useless.

    So my question is why do they neeed to see it? And this item was verified at least 2 times.
  2. molly

    molly Well-Known Member

    Geez, sorry for so many typing mistakes. I am mad and at work.
  3. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    planet feedback. Citi will respond in letter to planetfeedback..
  4. molly

    molly Well-Known Member

    Yes, Citi did reply to PF. The lady called today and left a phone # and fax. 605 area code. Why do they need to see the report??? I am going to send the Experian too because it shows the date it fell off and the collection date. Can't they see what they're reporting why do they need to see my report?? I am so tired :)
  5. LKH

    LKH Well-Known Member

    Send them a copy of the 1 page that has the info and block everything else out.
  6. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    LKH is right. Send it, block out other info except theirs and your identifying info.


    GEORGE Well-Known Member


    ...was cost me another CITIBANK inquiry...and a second DENIAL!!!!!
  8. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Yes, they're right. That will work.

    But a simpler question is this. Citibank has told you they have NO information on the account, right?

    (they purge old accounts after xx time).

    If Citi has NO info, did you ever just dispute it as "not mine" with the CRA?

    If so, it should've dropped w.in the 30 days for the dispute. No info at Citi means no possible verification.

    AND, if the CRA lies and says "verified" you have the ability to litigate and get anything else removed as a get out of jail free...

    Just a thought.

    Most expiditious, if CITI is willing, is to have them send a UDF having it removed. Have them send you a confirmation letter "just for your records" that they're removing the tradeline.
  9. molly

    molly Well-Known Member

    I have had every story under the sun with Citi and this student loan (george). One rep even told me that it would stay for 10 years not seven. They can tell me that it was sold on 5/95 (I can't remember off the top of my head if thats the right month). But I do know it went into collections in 1994. It shows that on my experian report from before it was removed. The $10/hour reps were so rude, uninformed and ignorant I decided to go straight to the top. Some reps told me Citi wasn't reporting and some they are but none could see what they were reporting. Also I wrote a couple of letters to their credit dispute address and one rep knew that so they had some records.

    ps one rep said that equifax makes up the rules on reporting and that they can report for however long they want. lol Then I tried to explain to her but it was hopeless.
  10. tom65432

    tom65432 Well-Known Member

    try this

    There is a logical explanation. Maybe Citi is not responsible for putting it on your credit report. If so, they need to see your report in order to find out who is reporting it. They are tired of you and want to solve the problem so you will go away. Or, maybe they are trying to make you a happy customer by helping you.

    Those of us who read this daily sometimes assume that all the creditors, CRA's and CA's will always lie because that is their nature. Maybe, Citi is really trying to help.

    Send them that page with everything else blocked out. See if that works.

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