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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by KHM, Oct 16, 2001.

  1. KHM

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    I mentioned earlier today that my hubby has 2 accts. on his TU CR that shouldn't even be there, due to a court case. Well.....
    I *CALLED* TU today and asked them why they won't investigate, considering I have asked them to do so at least 3 times, she said I have never disputed it. BULLSH*T I haven't. I told her, the dates are wrong, the amount is wrong, and it shouldnt even be on there to begin with. I was put on hold, surprise, and the woman came back and said there was nothing she could do. I said If you don't take care of this matter TODAY I will be forced to call the FTC and contact my lawyer, you are reporting false information. Again I was put on hold, she came back and said "I will be taking off BOTH of those accounts today"
    Of course I did this over the phone ( Big mistake) but I got her name and asked her to send me an updated copy within 5 business days. She said she would. SO YIPPIE!!! I am so excited, now his CR is probably better than mine, considering these accts should about $22000 in charge offs!

    thanks for letting me ramble and helping me out with all my questions!
  2. breeze

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    Nice work! keep fingers crossed. ;)
  3. KHM

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    I just pulled the CR with and they have already removed the negatives!

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    Don't ASSUME they are gone...

    Some things only appear on the "REAL" TRANSUNION report...
  5. KHM

    KHM Well-Known Member


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