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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by tareco, Mar 21, 2001.

  1. tareco

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    When a potential creditor "pulls" your credit report, do they actually see the entire report or just get a score? How does that work? I've always wondered.

    I just got my Equifax score and while it's pretty bad--541, I actually was relieved that it wasn't lower--like 300! I need to get a new car very soon. Does anyone know how low of a score Household would deal with. I do plan to have a down payment of about $2000. While I have many negatives, none of them are recent and I do have 3 perfect positive credit lines. One Orchard card (Household) that I've had since June, Another Household card(formerly United Credit National Bank)--I've had since 10/99--perfect history and DMB with perfect history since April of 2000. What are my chances? I'm thinking about calling them tomorrow to ask the how low of a score they would work with.
  2. roni

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    It depends. I think they can have both. Sometimes the reps on the phone with the credit card companies really dont have the score but just have the approval or denial and the reasons. That has been my experience.

    I had a nordstrom's rep recently have my report though. She told me exactly what was on it. So like I said it depends. However I believe the Nordstroms incident was rare and mostly they just use the score combined with their internal scoring system depending on what you told them.

  3. AnnMarie

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    I know that the Chase customer service rep also had my actual report in front of her, she was reading off the company that listed me as a charge off account and collections and who the original business was (which I might be going to work for--isn't that ironic!)

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