You all have help me so much

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Suzanne, Feb 9, 2001.

  1. Suzanne

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    Hi I'm about 2 yrs into my rebuilding. Since finding you a couple months ago I have learned so much. I have 2 providian account that in the last week I have called and asked for an increase and got 1000 increases without a fee. Today I got my 23.99 interest rate reduced to 16.9. The only reason any of this happened is because of you all. I had asked before for a decrease in interest but was told that was impossible by people who answer the customer service #. I called the retention # given by Marie today and they were wonderful.She gave me exactly what I was asking for. I also recieved 2 citibank AA cards thanks to you. I would have never thought I would have qualified for a citibank card without everyone talking about it. They are both 5,000 limits. I'm so exited and to think I just happened to come across this board by accident. You all have made my life so much easier. thank you
  2. S.D.

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    RE: You all have help me so mu

    Congratulations!!! Wow, you've come a long way! =0) I, too am in the processing of building my credit and this board has been so incredibly helpful. I also want to say thanks to all for your posts!!
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    RE: You all have help me so mu

    Count me in too. I stumbled across this board by accident also,the date is implanted in my brain,September 17,2000. It's only been almost 5 months and this board has changed my credit profile and my life.I am beginning to see a faint light at the end of the tunnel. I thought that my credit had gone to the dogs and that was the end,but I found out that there was hope out there.... from this board.And I have been beamed up since.Thanks all!!!!!!!
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    RE: You all have help me so mu

    Hey River, I remember when you stumpled here. That was just a few days before I got my Citibank approval. Do you remember the beating I took in October. Oh Boy....Congrats you to and Suzanne with you credit successes. I hope 2001 will be the year we all cap at FICO 680. Keep me posted.


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