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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by danrs, Apr 2, 2001.

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    Called Providian today based on info on this board. Had the account 6 months, gold card, secured with $49.00, 550 limit (got a 100 increase two months ago) and recieved an increase offer (500 for 100 fee) two months ago, which I ignored, then another one a couple weeks ago for 500 increase for $75, which I also ignored, though I really wanted to take it. But, you guys said never pay for an increase, so....I didn't.

    Well, today I call up, talk to a service rep, and asked about an increase. "Well, we've sent two different offers" I was told. I respond that "well, the second offer (500 for 75) doesn't sound too bad, IF I can get the card unsecured." The response "sorry sir, that has to be done by our underwriting department, and they'll decide that when they pull a report, there is no time schedule for unsecuring your card."

    So, I ask to speak to a supervisor. Same story. End result, I get off the phone, no free increase, and card still secured. After thinking about it for about 30 minutes, I call back, scared crapless because I really don't want to lose the card, and say "I'd like to pay my ballance ($60) and close my account." I'm put on hold, then connected with a "benefits rep" or something to that effect.

    I said that "I'd like to pay off my ballance and close my account." Sure sir, we can do this several ways, do you want the final bill sent to your home? "No, I'll pay it now." He says, "Okay, if you have your checking account information handy we can take care of that now", and my heart sank. THEN, as he is "pulling the account up" he asks why am I closing. AHA! Well, I say, all I've gotten is a little 100 dollar increase, and the card is secured and reporting as such to 2 different CRA's, I'm getting better offers, and I think I need to take advantage of them.

    To make an already too long story a little shorter, he said he could unsecure my card on the spot if I wanted, or possibly give an increase, and he asked me what kind of an increase I was looking for. I said I got the offer for 500, but wasn't going to pay to increase on a secured card, yada, yada. He asked if a 500 increase would make me happy, and I didn't want to sound too excited (because dammit I'm mad, and want to close my account:)), so I held my tongue, "well, I don't know" at which point I was offered a 1K increase. He asked if that would make me happy. I said "sure, that should do it!"

    At which point I was informed the 1K increase would be effective by Thursday, AND that my deposit to secure the card would be refunded immediately and the card will be reported as unsecured!!!! I almost fell out of my chair! What began as an effort to either unsecure the card OR gain a free $500 increase, either of which I'd have been more than satisfied with, netted me an unsecured card and 1K increase!!!

    THANKS to you guys. I'd of never had the nerve to call the first time, let alone the second and threaten to cancel the card, had it not been for the great info on this board.


  2. Cadillac408

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    That's the funniest story. Very well written!

    Nice job Dan!!!!
  3. miles

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    Kudos. Way to go!
  4. roni

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    good job...i need to get up the nerve.

  5. Saar

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    Well you live & learn :)

    Lessons for next time:

    1. The "special department that handles these matters" is called Retention.

    2. To get to Retention, just ask to speak w/ them or better yet, call their direct #.
    Usually, no actual threat to cancel is necessary to get them to talk business.

  6. am

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    That was a great story! Congrats on your success.'ve come so far, calling is nothing. I remember getting advice from you many moons ago--you can do this!
    I think I chose the wrong company in Cap 1 to redevelop my credit.
  7. SisterGirl

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    Makes my day !!!

    Sister Girl
  8. Himmel

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    Way to go danrs!

    My Aria w/ Providian's annual fee is coming up in August, so in July I'm thinking of doing it as well.
  9. Shantel

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    LOL Dan....YOU GO!

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