YOU GUYS ROCK Part II (long)

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by danrs, Apr 21, 2001.

  1. danrs

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    Man, some good advice on this board.

    For any who remember, I posted a few weeks ago, about obtaining a free 1K increase from Providian, AND getting the card unsecured, on a 6 month old account, with a previous credit line of 500.

    Well, you folks intrigue me, and I've been following the board daily, and once again, based on what I've read here, I have scored again, this time Cap 1.

    Cap 1 card, 6 months old, original 500 limit, and got automated system 100 increase a couple weeks ago.

    Well, you guys said so, so I took my butt to planet feedback (two days ago), wrote a nice little letter to Cap 1. Told them I was somewhat upset that they were not reporting my true credit limit, it was affecting my FICO, and oh, by the way;-), I'm really not happy with the little 100 increase after 6 months of on time payments.

    Well, all I got was the automated response from Cap 1, and hadn't heard anything else yet. HOWEVER, tonight I logged onto my Cap 1 account, and there it was, Credit increase of 1K!!! Remember now, I just got this card 6 months ago with a 500 limit, now 1600. NEVER expected that with what I've heard about how stingy they were on increases.

    Kind of takes a little of the sting out of being denied by Next card an hour ago:-(. But, I have no hard inquiries on any of my reports, so I figured I could waste just one (they pulled TU).

    So, I've gone from a person who last year was denied a 200 dollar limit card with Crook Country Bank (Thank God for THAT, that was before I found this board!) on a "pre-approved" offer, and I now have two cards totaling 3250 in limits, up from 750 (250 of which was secured) in just 6 months.

    If it hadn't of been for the excellent advice on this board, I would have never known who to go to for rebuilding credit, or how to get what I wanted out of them.

    So thanks, again,

  2. Tim

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    Re: YOU GUYS ROCK Part II (lon


    They do rock.

    Now are you going to max out your cards and them write letters denying they were ever your accounts? :)

    If you choose to do that, there are great sources here to help you... HaHaHa

    Good luck bud, don't get carried away with your credit!

    Oh, there was a point to this. I had all the sub-standard cards you are talking about.

    There are good things waiting for you in the future.

    I think I had Cross Country (BIG RIP OFF), Cap1 and Providian for like a year and then stared getting approved for Gold and Platinum Cards.

    As soon as you do get a "preferred card" like Chase, Citibank and AMEX, get rid of the Cap1, Prov and whatever others. Too much credit can hurt you too.

    Good luck,

  3. danrs

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    Re: YOU GUYS ROCK Part II (lon

    "Now are you going to max out your cards and them write letters denying they were ever your accounts? :)"

    You betcha!!! Isn't that why we are all here? ;)

    Kidding of course. No way in he11. I've lived a nightmare for the past 6 years because of bad credit. Lost job, and wifey left at same time taking my child with her for 18 months. EVERYTHING came second to getting my kid back, so the bills, car, everything went. And right at the time my credit was just being considered "prime" too.

    The nice thing about this now, is I don't need any credit. I'm financially pretty well off now, and am only carrying small balances to establish credit again. But, as a single parent, it sure is a secure feeling knowing it is there if I need it!

    Couldn't have done it if I hadn't of somehow lucked onto this board and the great advice, at least not as quickly as I have.

    See guys, for every "John I'm gonna get you flagged/Jumum is the devil" out there, there are probably 100 like me, lurking, getting good advice, and suceeding again....and heaping tons of praise and thanks as a result.

    I'm not worthy.........


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    You are on the right track. I am sorry to here about the situation that lead to your credit problems. But remember, you dont have to defend or explain yourself to anyone. Use this board to restore your credit and pass on your experiences to the next newcomer.

    Great things await you in a very short time.


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