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    You probably haven't heard of Zentact.com yet because it is so new, having been on line for less than a week now. It's concept is also brand new and provides something that has never been seen on the internet before.
    It is very innovative indeed and it is still in beta so the number of people they will accept is very limited at this time. Due to my use of RSS I found out about it as soon as it launched.
    I signed up for it and it asked me for the contact information of people I know and network with. At first I put in only the name of another email address I have and a tag that was common to both myself and my other email identity. Then I went to a web page that I knew had that common keyword. A popup appeared with the name of the other email address and I clicked on it and it sent an email to the other identity containing a link to the page I was viewing.
    I put in the emails of some friends of mine and a tag or keyword that I know they are interested in such as (for instance, credit repair) and soon we were exchanging links with each other, helping each other find much needed information much quicker and much more easily. All for free and no advertising of any kind.

    This has got to be one of the most innovative and useful apps ever to hit the internet and it is bound to grow up to be really huge in a very short time.

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