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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Desmond, Jan 10, 2001.

  1. Desmond

    Desmond Guest

    I don't know about anyone else on this board but I am sick of receiving these so called pre approved offer from this bank. I received two difference offers in the mail with 2 weeks, yes I am in the process of reestablishing my credit but I do not need to pay alot of money up front to get a card, this offer is worst than First Natl Bank of Marin at least I didnt have to come out of my pocket with the $200 upfront. I feel very unfortunate when I receive these offers because with a 2 year period after filing BK I have 3 mastercards and 1 visa all sub prime though.
  2. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    I agree! I've gotten 2 offers from them and luckily I have a good jumpshot (like Roni suggested) because they've gone straight in the trash. It's sad too because they are totally taking advantage of people who are desparate to rebuild their credit.
  3. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    They suck, they offered me two cards in one notice $400 in charges! muahaha.

    If they didn't charge any fee's they would get a lot more customers.
  4. Anne

    Anne Guest

    This is highway robbery in the first degree!!
  5. Amistad Da

    Amistad Da Guest

    I had one of those cards about 2 years post chapter 7. It was my first. I had a $250 limit and I paid about $170 in fees unfront. They also had a $6 a month participation fee. So everymonth you were getting a bill whether you had a balence or not. Well then Providian came a knocking with $1000. Then I got a Western Security secured for $1000. They were great. 5.? APR but on 80% of deposit. They were put out of the secured card bussiness by the FTC for discriminatory practices per the letter I got. I should have asked them for a REAL card at that time!! Stupid me. Anyway I canceled First Premier, all the rep wanted to do for me was to kill the annual fee. That wasn't nothing because that there getting $72 a year from you anyway! I told him that I got better cards.. he asked what did I want.. I told him for him to cancel the card. Anyway 5 years post chapter 7 I got about $8500 credit in four cards. Only $600 secured in that total. Well as far as First Premier goes you gotta get what you can get at times. Also I think they charge such high fee's because they can't make much if there users limits are triple digits! Almost anyone can pay off a $250 credit card.
  6. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    Aria persona is not much worse.

    they claim up to:
    $89 processing fee.
    $89/year membership fee
    23.99% apr
    no grace.

    You have to wonder if these credit card companies are price-fixing the market. :)
  7. Desmond

    Desmond Guest

    I applied online for the ARIA card got approved with a 500 limit no annual fee and no procesing fee. So I think this card is wayyyy better than First Premier.

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